Pre-Calculus Honors student will experience a rigorous study in the areas of algebraic structures through proofs, limits, logarithms, polar graphing, and parametric equations. These students will develop stronger critical thinking skills as they explore and analyze problems and will demonstrate these skills to their peers during cooperative learning and class discussions.Students will work cooperatively in small group settings on classroom assignments and reviews. The graphing calculator is used daily with instruction as well as assessment. If in doubt of any topic covered in class, please feel free to google the topic, Khan Academy, or YouTube. A vast amount of material is out there, you have to take the initiative to explore and find.

Student Support:

Ebook access: The book on the website is the 8th edition whereas our textbook is the 7th edition. I think many of the problems are the same; however, I have not checked each problem set.

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Student Online

Trig Help;

PreCal online resources:

MathXL for school (optional with purchase only)