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Algebra 1 Foundations - 7th Grade Honors - Table of ContentsGeometry - Table of Contents - Honors - Math I - Math II (Selected Topics for each Grade Level)Algebra 1 - Table of Contents - Math IAlgebra 2 - Table of Contents - Math II

Lesson Plans

7th Grade Standards
a) Standards
1- Standard
2- Honors
b) 7th Grade EOG Homework Calendar
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Extra Examples
Click on the chapter and lesson you wish to explore and it gives you four examples with explanations to see.
Self-Check Quizzes
Click on chapter and lesson you wish to explore. You get 5 question quizzes with hints (if needed).
Videos that provide real-life examples and add humor.
Parent/Student Study Guide
Click on the chapter and lesson you wish to explore. You will be given some example and explanations. You will then have a few questions to answer together, with the answers at the bottom of the paper to check for accuracy.
Vocabulary Review
Click on the chapter you would like to explore. Match the words with their definitions by dragging and dropping.
Chapter Test
Click on the chapter you would like to explore. There will be a multiple choice test with hints (if needed)
Standardized Test Practice
This test is a cumulative test. For example, the Ch.5 test covers material from (Ch1 – Ch5)

Planning-Homework Calendar

Grading Policy (Math I - 7th Grade Honors) and ExpectationsHW / Classwork - Castlelearning / or TextbookReleased vs. Assigned
1- Castlelearning Packets are released weekly up to 100 questions or less, however, assigned HW is about 25-30 problems or less daily.
2- To be successful in HS / Honor classes courses, students are encouraged to do more not less!
3- Before missing HW due dates and if extension is needed, students should be able to let the teacher know via text, email, or in person during the assigned block; no points will be deducted for valid excused extension, however, a temporary earned grade will beposted on powerschool until the work is completed to reflect and audit trail incomplete work.
4- Grades for late work will be updated twice each quarter (one week prior to progress report is issued and one week before the end of each quarter).
5- It's the students' responsibility to track their late work and turn in to the teacher a late homework log twice each quarter to update their grades;Late HW Log should include:1- Assignment Name 2- Date Assigned3- Due Date 4- Date Completed5- Grade Earned6- Earned castlelearning grade excluding the second try.
HW Grading Rubric:0 = No Attempt throughout the quarter to complete missing workMax. 50 = Late more than 5 school daysMax. 69 = Late more 1-4 school daysNo points will be deducted for excused late work
6- Academic Code of Conduct Policy
(click to download)
7- Parents are encouraged to email teacher regarding their student's progress; teacher will make every attempt to reply within 24 hours of a school day from the time it was sent, as required by CMS policies.
8- Questions regarding posted grades are to be discussed with your student; your student should be able to discussany of the grades directly with the teacher during class, should clarification is needed.
9- Test make-up guidelines:
Make-up will be available to students who scored less than 80% on Tests; no make-up for quizzes!
Make-up score will replace the original score, regardless of which score is higher, however, your student will have ample opportunities to earn extra formal / power grade throughout the quarter to improve final grade before the end of a each quarter.!
Students are encouraged to attend any tutorial session each Friday; or any school day at 8 AM with prior notice (text or e-mail) except Wednesday.
Or, students need to be prepared prior to taking a make-up test to improve their original scores in order to achieve academic excellence!!
When extra credit is posted as an exempt grade, that means your student had the opportunity, but was unable to earn itdue to lack of studying the concepts being taught.

**Problems in the packets are selected based on difficulty levels (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced), otherwise, assignments will become tedious and lack the rigor!!

- Elementary: (6-8) - Standard level.

- Intermediate: Math I (80-90%), or inquiry based problems (10-20%)

- Advanced CCSS - Honor Level: Requires the deepest level of thinking; often can be thought of as "thinking outside of the box." Students will be able to use all of their knowledge to formulate a response that is completely new and original.
- Upper level problems, encourage independent study, deductive reasoning, and utilization of existing knowledge to uncover the connections, similarities and differences among various functions.

- Independently exploring new concepts and ideas, provide guidance to discover mathematical relationships and patterns, make conjectures and develop problem-solving strategies, which will lead to solving both difficult equations and complex word problems.
- Group work, K.L.W. (Writing in Mathematics), participation and projects.

K.L.W. Rubric

2017 Lesson Plans - Review