Tutorial sessions are for homework help!!
7:15 - 8:00 AM - Math I Monday and Friday;
Honor Math 7 Tuesday and Thursday;No Tutorial on Wednesdays or after school
by permission only!!

Grading Policy

1) Zero is a placeholder for missing or late work; late assignments on castlelearning will be reopened within 2 school days after assignment is closed to allow for grades to be posted on powerschool; students will have 3 school days to complete missing work; maximum grade for late work will be 79% or earned grade. if an assignment is not completed within the allowed time; zero will be the final grade. Late work grades will be reflected within one week after completion.

- Completed assignments are in review mode and should be used as a review tool in conjunctions with assigned homework fro your textbook.

- High School Credit - Math I, II & III - Reminder: Grade of 77% or higher and passing E.O.C. with level III or higher are the minimum requirements to earn one high school credit towards high school graduation.

2) No additional points will be awarded on the retry for late or incomplete assignments; powerschool; grade will reflect correct responses only; honor students are required to attempt all problems in order to earn credit on the retry; students are encouraged to attend tutorial sessions or ask questions during class time for homework help.

Formal: 65%
- Tests
Informal: 35%
- Homework: (Textbook, Castle Learning Packets and Handouts to supplement Common Core Sate requirements) ; Quizzes; K.L.W. & Projects.

Extra Credit:

– Extra credit will be given during the school year. Extra credit will not be given to increase low grades. Low grades can only be raised through hard work and getting help from the teacher before school or during the school day. There are plenty of opportunities for students to get enough help to earn a grade they are proud of; total extra credit, formal and informal will increase the student's score by an average of 6% at the end of the 3rd quarter.

*Homework problems are selected based on difficulty levels (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced), otherwise, assignments will become tedious and lack the rigor!!
- Elementary: (6-8) - Standard level.
- Intermediate: Math I and II
- Advanced CCSS - Honor Level: Requires the deepest level of thinking; often can be thought of as "thinking outside of the box." Students will be able to use all of their knowledge to formulate a response that is completely new and original.

- Upper level problems, encourage independent study, deductive reasoning, and utilization of existing knowledge to uncover the connections, similarities and differences among various functions.

- Independently exploring new concepts and ideas, provide guidance to discover mathematical relationships and patterns, make conjectures and develop problem-solving strategies, which will lead to solving both difficult equations and complex word problems.

Grading Scale
90-100 =A
Less than 60=F

To avoid late homework penalty, complete your homework on time!
a) Early is on time.b) On time is late.c) Late is unacceptable.
3) If a student does not attempt to complete the H.W. by the extended due dates before the end of the quarter, a grade of zero will remain, which will affect student's math GPA.

4) If a student is absent the day of the test, the student will receive a grade of zero as a placeholder, till the student makes an effort to retake the test within a reasonable time of returning to school; make-ups will be taken during your normal class period; advanced notice and permission will be required one day in advance before taking the missed exam or quiz.

5) If a students scores less than 80% on a given test, a make-up will be allowed within a week after attending at least one tutorial session; no makeup for quizzes, but extra credit may be given each quarter.
no make-ups for final exams, E.O.C. and E.O.G.